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The WEEE Directive places responsibility for products at the of their useful life in the hands of the producer. From January 2006 companies will be required to inform users how they can return the product for recycling and label devices with a 'do not bin' symbol.

The process by which products are returned is an important consideration which raises the following questions:

  • how will products be collected, where will they be sent and who can deal with them?
  • is there an opportunity for secondary industries or charitable organisations to collect and process redundant items?
  • how and where will products be stored?
  • are any of the materials hazardous?, if so how can this be dealt with
  • how do other companies 'take-back' their products?
    • are there opportunities to partner with a Local Authority
    • or other companies?
  • can the customer send the product back by posting it/dropping it somewhere?
  • what incentives could encourage customers to return their old products?
  • are there any legislative requirements i.e. WEEE - stating how many products need to be taken back and how they need to be processed?
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Collection procedures for WEEE have yet to be finalised

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