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Materials Reduction
Reducing the amount of material used in a product minimises manufacturing costs, reduces waste going to landfill, and conserves resources.

It can be achieved by:

  • identifying and designing out any excess material
  • using precision cutting equipment to ensure the maximum use of raw materials
  • replacing bulk material with webbing
Materials Reduction

Although it is often impossible to make a product out of one material (because of the need for friction or cohesion), it is good practice to minimise the number of materials used in a design as this:

  • reduces the amount of disassembly that is needed for recycling
  • helps to create a greater mass of one material which makes recycling more profitable as larger masses of material can be collected from one product

Where different materials are used -  ensure that they can be easily separated for recycling 

Limit materials waste in manufacturing by:

  • considering how a potential waste source can be reused  
  • designing interchangeable or modular parts
  • minimising waste resulting from defects