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Grove templates, developed by The Grove Consultants International© 2005 are large scale graphical templates originally conceived to help guide companies and organisations through different problems. Grove templates can, however, be a useful addition to the  design process of through encouraging systemic thinking and visioning of future scenarios.

Ideal for group working, these large scale graphical templates are extremely versatile and can be used to record and communicate to others images and text which illustrate key ideas and themes of a design or project.

The Process:

  • identify the aim of the session
  • select an appropriate grove template
    • each template guides you through an issue or helps you work towards clarifying a goal or vision
  • nominate a ‘graphic recorder’ – an individual who records discussions, thoughts and ideas by writing and drawing on the template.
  • work through the sections of the template as a group
  • brainstorm ideas:
    • as a group - by calling out thoughts which the graphic recorder adds to the template 
    • or silently by putting your ideas on post-it notes and sticking them on to the template
  • when all sections have been completed, review the finished template as a group
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For more information on the Grove templates visit the Grove Consultants International website at: