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Eco-Indicator 99 is a life cycle impact assessment tool developed by PRé Consultants B.V. Eco-Indicator 99 helps designers to make an environmental assessment of a product by calculating eco-indicator scores for materials and processes used. The resulting scores provide an indication of areas for product improvements. The Eco-Indicator is split into three sections:

  • production of raw materials (e.g. polystyrene), processing & manufacture (e.g. injection moulding)
  • transportation of product (e.g. shipping), energy in use (e.g. electricity), consumables in use (e.g. paper)
  • disposal

Eco-Indicator 99 Activity:

  • produce a list of component parts by disassembling a product and identifying materials & processes that make each part, finding the weight (in kgs) of each part.
  • start to add each element to the correct section on the table.
    • the product elements are each quantified in relevant units (raw materials in kgs, electricity in kWh, shipping in tkm etc) and these figures can be filled in on the table.
  • find out the Eco-indicator value for each product element.
  • then multiply the weight of each of the product elements by its Eco-indicator value to give its eco-points.
    • the higher the points, the worse the environmental impact of that element.
  • the total number of eco-points can then be calculated for each life-cycle stage and graphs can be drawn
  • consider which elements and stages of the products life-cycle cause most impact and can be focused on during redesign activities

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If you feel you need more support in coming to grips with any of the eco-design tools featured on this website, 1/2 day workshops are offered at very reasonable rates through the Sustainable Design Network (SDN).

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