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Wilkhahn Neos chair

The Neos office chair was designed to be durable, repair-friendly and maintenance-friendly.  It combines high-performance materials, excellent workmanship, easy operable functions and clear design support optimal utility value – and service life.


The selection of materials therefore follows the principles of weight reduction, longevity, use of one-type materials as far as possible and recyclability; the construction principle is based on repair-friendliness and simple exchange of wearing parts.

- Parts subject to a high level of wear are all made from materials that combine high precision with hardwearing stability.
- The star bases are optionally in die-cast aluminium or through-dyed, glass fibre-reinforced polyamide
- The seat bearers and armrests are in glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, the latter with a polyurethane pad, and the mechanism case is in die-cast aluminium with covers in through-dyed polypropylene.
- The seat shell and the cover of the back shell are also in polypropylene, while the back shell itself and also the alternatively used backrest frame with stretch material are in glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, through-dyed. All components in aluminium and polypropylene are 100% recyclable.
- The seat cushions and the back cushions comprise covered, CFC-free polyurethane foam. Like the alternatively used backrest frame with stretch material, they are also exchangeable.

Individually adjustable functions, that it can also be operated intuitively and promote frequent changes in posture

End of product life cycle

Return of used products and recycling
Wilkhahn guarantee that used products may be returned in their entirety. The chairs are dismounted at our plant, all components are sorted according to one-type materials and – if possible – are recycled. Due to the clear marking and identification of all materials, due to their nontoxicity and due to easy dismountability, they can ensure that the components are returned to both decentral and local material and production cycles and are properly recycled and, if necessary, disposed of. This serves to reduce energy-intensive (and thus ecologically questionable) return transport over long distances.

Disassembly and recycling
- All components of the Neos office chair permit non-destructive disassembly.
- All components weighing more than 150 g bear a material identification mark to ensure that materials can be sorted according to a single type.
- No material protecting agents or halogen-organic combinations are used that prevent subsequent recycling.
- 58% of the chair can be recycled.


Returnable transport packaging made from renewable raw materials is used for Neos office chairs.  They can be reused, recycled or composted.

[Source:, accessed July 2008]

© Wilkhahn, 2008