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Green Dot

"The Green Dot is a symbol used on packaging in many European countries. It signifies that the producer of the packaging has made a contribution towards recycling that packaging - just as UK businesses invest in recycling through the PRN system.

The Green Dot is not used as a compliance mark in the UK, but it is still a trademark. Anyone who produces packaging with a Green Dot, which is then sold in the UK, must pay a UK licence fee.

Valpak administers Green Dot licences in the UK on behalf of the licence-holder, Pro-Europe. As part of its member offering, Valpak waives the licence fee for all members who use the symbol on their UK packaging. No other compliance scheme offers this unique benefit.

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"The UK Green DotŪ licence does not represent compliance with the UK Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2005. However, if you are exporting packaging to other European countries please be aware that the Green DotŪ has different meanings in different countries. Therefore, you may be required to display this symbol on your packaging.  ...The UK Green Dot licence does not cover your Green Dot usage in other countries. If you display the Green Dot symbol on packaging which you export to other countries, you may need to pay the licence fee in each respective country". [2]

[1], added 14th March 2008, by Vicky Lofthouse
[2], added 14th March 2008, by Vicky Lofthouse