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About Us

Where it came from

The concept for 'Information/Inspiration' was dreamt up by Vicky Lofthouse in 1998, in response to a need that she identified whilst working with Electrolux industrial designers who wanted to get involved in ecodesign.  Although they were keen to integrate ecodesign into their product development process, had good internal support from management and environmental affairs, they found that they didn’t know where to start.  'Information/Inspiration' was set up to try and resolve this problem.  The result is a resource which combines together relevant design information and inspiring ecodesign case studies which show that ecodesign is possible and is already being achieved by both SMEs and large organisations. 


In 2001 Vicky Lofthouse and Tracy Bhamra (then at Cranfield University) collaborated with Huntleigh Technology and the DTI/EPSRC Sustainable Technologies Initiative on a 2 year project to develop the concept into a fully working resource which would be freely available on the internet for any one who wanted or needed the support.  Following a move to Loughborough University in April 2003, Vicky gained support for the project from the Engineering Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning located in the Faculty of Engineering at Loughborough University in the UK, who in September 2005 provided 50 days worth of support, to re-development the technological end of the resource (Melanie Bates), and refine and upload the existing material into the new structure (Debra Lilley).  All the material in this current version of the site was uploaded in September 2005 unless stated otherwise.

With thanks…

Although this resource is the result of my research, it has been made possible with a great deal of input from a range of other people.   Thanks should go to Phil Thompson formerly of Electrolux UK, Tracy Bhamra of Loughborough University, Stephanie Wingate of Huntleigh Technology, and the students on the design and technology courses at Loughborough.

Special thanks goes to Debra Lilley and Melanie Bates who have worked tirelessly to refresh, revitalise and upgrade the web site into something which is sustainable, funky and easy to update.

Dr Vicky Lofthouse
30th September 2005

Associated publications

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More information

If you require further information about the project the please contact Dr. Vicky Lofthouse on or telephone on +44 (0)1509 222777.

Case study 1: Information Inspiration as a training tool for Design Teams
Case study 2: Information Inspiration as an educational resource for Industrial Designers
Final Report for STI - Information Inspiration


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