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End of Life
There are a number of different strategies that you can use to improve the way a product can be dealt with at the end of its life.  The following sections provide some suggestions:

Take Back

GO TO: Information on Take Back The mechanism or process by which products are returned to the manufacturer at the end of their useful life

Design for Disassembly

GO TO: Information on Design for Disassembly Designing products so that they can easily, cost-effectively and rapidly be taken apart at the end of the product's life

Mechanical disassembly

GO TO: Information on Mechanical disassembly Disassembly tecnhinques including shredding, and brute force

Active disassembly

GO TO: Information on Active disassembly Futuristic approach to disassembly

Design for Cleanability

GO TO: Information on Design for Cleanability Designing products or components that can be easily and quickly cleaned prior to reuse or remanufacturing


GO TO: Information on Remanufacture The process of cleaning, repairing and restoring used, durable products or components to meet original performance standards


GO TO: Information on Recycling Strategies which can be used to improve the recyclability of products

Automated disassembly

GO TO: Information on Automated disassembly Automated Disassembly uses a fully automated production line based disassembly system.


GO TO: Information on Reuse How products and components can be reused within the manufacturing process or sold/donated to third parties for reuse