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There are a number of different ecodesign strategies that you can use to reduce the impact of the use stage.  Follow the links below to find out more:

Types of energy

GO TO: Information on Types of energy Most consumer products are powered by some form of external energy source. Simple design decisions can lead to big imporvements.


GO TO: Information on Efficiency How to optimise the energy performance of a product or the efficiency of a system

Energy Reduction

GO TO: Information on Energy Reduction Reducing the energy consumed by a product during its use

Alternative Energy

GO TO: Information on Alternative Energy Using more sustainable sources of energy.

Waste reduction

GO TO: Information on Waste reduction Using materials efficiently when designing and manufacturing products to reduce the amount of waste created

User Centred Research

GO TO: Information on User Centred Research The process of gaining information about practices, habits or behaviours in order to inform the design of a product or service.

Educate the User

GO TO: Information on Educate the User Interventions for changing the users behaviour or educating the user about how to use the product.

Inclusive Design

GO TO: Information on Inclusive Design This section is currently under development.